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ByteStar - alpha

The Universe is in trouble!! (Again!) - YOU are the last hope, defending us against the Crystal invaders!

- Gameplay is 100% random - no patterns, or preset paths to win. Enjoy an unlimited amount of replay!

- Select custom color schemes for your ship !!

- Complete the game on EASY setting to unlock Ship Pack 1,

- Complete the game on MEDIUM setting to unlock Ship Pack 2,

- Complete the game on HARD setting to unlock the hidden level for additional play!

- View your customized ship in-app with Augmented Reality! Get the Target and information [ByteStar AR Target]

Available on the Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle app store, Google Play, and Microsoft Windows Phone App Store.

ByteStar (alpha)

Keywords: Space, Rocket, 3D, Maya, Unity3D, Augmented Reality (AR), iOS, Andorid, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire

Detail: ByteStar, ByteStar AR Target
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